Little crickets wish came out like a thunderstruck. He wants to eat “pasulj” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasulj), but, as usual, under his own conditions. How lucky am I? 🙂

This is how it happened:

First there was his wish: “mom, I would like to eat “pasulj”, and I was like “of course, no problem” and then a BUT happens: “but carrot, yellow pepper, red pepper and tomatoes must be fresh.” 🙂 Whaat? Come on?!?!? My mind was brainstorming and searching for a way to make the raw “pasulj” when suddenly bigger cricket announced his wish, that “pasulj” should be NORMAL, cooked with all the vegetables, because the lunch should be warm … hmm, let’s meet in the middle …. let’s cook half cooked “pasulj”… Adventure on the horizon.

So in the late evening hours kind dad starts with his job which is cutting all needed vegetables into nice pieces. He took care of:
– carrots,
– yellow pepper
– red pepper
– tomatoes
– leek
– red onion. When all the job was done, he asks kindly: ANYTHING ELSE? No, thank you … everything will wait until tomorrow morning.

At 5:30 a.m. our morning starts and  there is action again:

onion is the first one to start with, and she is very happy that the pot is all hers … but unfortunately not for long, because leek is cold so early in the morning and it wants to warm up. And then all of a sudden carrot is afraid that we will forget him, so he also jumps into the pot. Tomatoes hesitate first and look at each other, but then they jump into pot, bringing a little more water to the company. They hang out and cooked nicely, requesting some salt,  bay, celery and a little marjoram and we fulfilled all their wishes. Pepper knew that she would be last on stage, just to stay crispy, so she wasn’t in a hurry. She knew that she has 30 minutes extra to relax, which is the time in which all other vegetable friends should be cooking for. And they were. Cooking, spinning, jumping, having the party by their own when suddenly the bean remarked jealously that we are cooking “pasulj”, and as he is main ingredient of that dish, he too should join the colorful company in the pot. Of course Mr. Bean, please, enjoy, take it easy. Meanwhile, in another pot, the onion starts to roast, after a while, grounded red pepper and spelt flour join the onion, they blend together and end up in the bigger pot. Almost done. All that is missing is crispy pepper, of course. She has to stay fresh so that little cricket will eat it. And so she was.

That is how both little and big cricket got their “pasulj” as desired.

Brown lentil had the party…but peppers took all the attention 🙂

Events in the kitchen at 5:30 A.M.:

Already prepared:

chopped red onions,
chopped two or three garlic cloves,
washed brown lentils (one cup),
one cup of soy peaces (pre-soaked in hot water),
four small potatoes, cut into pieces,
chopped yellow pepper,
chopped red pepper,
spices (salt, marjoram, turmeric, sweet red pepper, bay leaf, caraway, curry and maybe something else),

First, the onion jumps in the pot, just to roast alone and happily for a while. Later, the onion gets company of the soya peaces. They immediately require the company of caraway and curry and at the end also garlic.

I rinse them all with water, add a brown lentil, and after 10 minutes the potatoes. In the meantime i add also all the spices and in 30 minutes everything is over. Both peppers, sunny yellow and lovely red, are waiting for the big finale, so they can be fresh and crispy, when the cooking is over. Our youngest Vegizaver Highness does not like cooked peppers and since all other Vegizavers agree with this, we can fulfill his wish :-). In the end, everyone is happy, satisfied and happy.
Bon Appetite.